What is B-C-R?

What is B-C-R?

Welcome to Bridge County Raceway! This is where I’ll be sharing my experiences with business and marketing. Please throw me a follow on Facebook and twitter to stay up to date!

Why B-C-R? Growing up in Bridge County I always enjoyed going to the dirt track with my father. Those moments will always hold a special place in my heart. My goal with my online businesses is to be able to replace my income and spend time racing with my son to create some wonderful memories. I like to say that I’m on the raceway to the financial raceway!


I have been wanting to start a blog for a few years and finally decided to take the leap. My goal has been take my online businesses to $100,000/year through marketing managment, dropshipping, and ecommerce stores. Over the past 8 Months I’ve been able to go from $0/month to around $1,000/month. This is still quite far from my goal but It’s still a milestone because it gives me validation that my efforts are working and that I’ll achieve my goals if I stick with it for another year or two.

Here’s a basic breakdown of my businesses.

Shopify Stores: I have created 3 ecommerce stores with Shopify. Two are dropshipping stores and are currently accounting for about 50% of my online income. Another is a tee shirt store using a print on demand service making around $200/month right now. I just started this store last month so I am hoping to 10X the income within a couple more months.

Craigslist flipping: I’ve had pretty good luck flipping craigslist items on ebay. Vacuum cleaners have been one of my most profitable items. This currently accounts for the remainder of my online income.

Internet Marketing: One of my next projects will be to create an internet marketing agency. I’m planning to outsource the work to freelancers from oversees. My plans currently involve mostly Instagram and Facebook strategies but the scope will likely expand as the agency gains traction.

Those are my current businesses and plans for the next 4-6 months. Please follow along on the blog as I post more information and an in-depth analysis of each business, and how I plan to reach my financial goals by the end of the year.




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